Apps are a perfect way to help you save money. Here are some apps that you might not know about that will help you save a few bucks:

1.Food Apps

Going out to eat with friends is almost a daily routine in Rexburg. Don’t let having a social life break your bank. There are plenty of food apps available, from McDonald’s to Costa Vida, that will save you a few bucks and even get you free food items.

2. Venmo

Venmo is an app that allows you to exchange money with friends without any cash. With this app, you can pay for gas or even split the food bill with friends without the extra hassle and fees ATMs have.

3. Mint

This is budgeting made easy. The Mint app allows you to keep track of your spending habits as well as keep track of bills that need to be paid all in one easy place.

4. Hopper

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, or a chance to travel for the cheapest price, the Hopper app can help. It tracks flights, predicts when tickets will be cheapest, and notifies you when you should buy your tickets.

5. Wish

The Wish App is a shopping application that can give you great discounts on clothing or gadgets. Now, right at your fingertips, you can receive up to 80 percent off original prices, according to the App store description.

Download these apps and try them out; they will make your life a lot easier.