With the presidential election a month away, front-runner candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are scrambling for the last few votes, but will they get any from BYU-Idaho students?

“I’m not registered to vote,” said Niklas Skinner, a sophomore studying business management.

Skinner said he would like to vote, but is not impressed with either candidate.

“Do you pick the lesser of two evils, or do you not vote at all?” Skinner said.

College aged adults from 18 – 24 years old have consistently voted less than any other age group in every presidential election since 1962, according to U.S. Census Bureau.

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According to an article at usatoday.com, young adults may not be voting because:

  1. they do not like the candidates
  2. they do not know enough about the candidates
  3. they do not relate to the issues or policies discussed
  4. they do not think their vote can make a difference
  5. they are not registered to vote
  6. they live outside of the state they are registered in

What these young adults may not know is each of these reasons have an easy fix.

First, if you have not yet registered, go to vote.org to complete your registration, or to get an absentee ballot if you are out of state.

Next, inform yourself on each of the candidates.

Ryan Harper, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said he stays somewhat informed through social media and occasional news watching.

To learn more about the background, polices and plans of the next potential president, browse through ballotpedia.org. Here you will find each of the candidates’ stance on everything from immigration to the Zika virus.

Don’t think your vote will count?

In the 2012 presidential election, young voters were crucial to President Obama’s victory.

In an interview with USAtoday Alex Smith, the National Chairman of the Republican College National Committee, said if nobody under the age of 30 had voted, Mitt Romney would have been president today.

“That is how impactful our generation was in deciding a whole course of a presidential election,” said Smith.

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