This year, the Girl Scouts celebrate 100 years of selling cookies by introducing a new flavor of cookie, according to

A new S’more flavored cookie will join the other 10 popular Girl Scout cookies this year.

This new cookie is a graham cracker dipped in icing and coated in chocolate.

“Made with real cocoa, this new cookie is vegan, and free of artificial colors and preservatives,” according to ABC Smart Cookie.

If you are looking for these cookies, there are a few ways that you can find them here in Rexburg.

On the Girl Scout website, there’s a list of a few different ways to find cookies in your area. The best way to find cookies are through Girl Scout booths around town where they are being sold, or purchasing cookies online.

Girl Scout cookies have become increasingly popular over time.

It began in 1917 when a Girl Scout troop began to sell sugar cookies, according to The Huffington Post.

“Each year, girl scouts sell about 200 million boxes, which equates to $800 million worth,” according to Business Insider.

One hundred percent of the profits made by the girl scouts selling the cookies will be donated to the local area of the Girl Scout troop.

“The most popular cookie, Thin Mints, make up 25 percent of the entire sales, which is $200 million,” according to Business insider.

A survey was done to decide which Girl Scout cookies were the most popular. Thin Mints were first, and Samoas came in second place, according to Fox News.

Some popular cookies have received a name change, according to Girl Scout USA.

Samoas have been changed to Caramel deLites. Tagalongs have been changed to Peanut Butter Patties. And Do-Si-Dos have been changed to Peanut Butter Sandwich.


Photography by brianpdx | Flickr Creative Commons