The awards ceremony for the adult category of the art competition, Art Grows Rexburg, was held on Wednesday evening at Hemming Village.

Joe Horner, a sophomore studying fine arts, won first place in the student category. He said this was his first time participating in the competition and he is glad he participated.

BYU-I students Megan Comstock and Deseret Leavitt were awarded first and second place in the student category, with Marissa Albrecht receiving a merit award.

Prizes were awarded to artists in three different categories, according to the Art Grows Rexburg website.

Horner said he didn’t even know about the event before. He found out while buying art supplies at a local store and decided to enter his artwork.

“I am really glad I found out about it,” said Horner. “It was a really well put together event.”

Horner said he would recommend the Art Grows Rexburg art competition to other local artists in the future. He said it was good to see artists in the community come together.

“I didn’t know there were so many artists in the area,” Horner said. “I only knew about artists I was going to school with.”

Matthew Geddes, an art professor at BYU-I, said he thinks the event is great to help promote art Rexburg.

“Rexburg is a wonderful place in so many ways, but it isn’t exactly the cultural hub of the universe,” Geddes said.

Geddes said that people often have to travel to see art, but that this competition is a unique opportunity to bring art to the community.

“It’s nice to have an event like this, especially one that gives awards to people and recognizes somebody’s efforts,” Geddes said. “Sometimes just one little bit of encouragement is all it takes to spring somebody for the rest of their life.”

Geddes said the Art Grows Rexburg competition and show is a great opportunity to give local artists a chance to show their work and to be encouraged.