Articles by AJ Buruca

A free mobile phone AJ Buruca is currently Content Director for Scroll Digital at BYU-Idaho where he is majoring in communications with an emphasis in broadcasting and a minor in photography. Since the age of seven, Buruca has always dreamed of becoming a broadcast journalist. He says, “News is something that has always caught my attention, especially after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I remember that day very clearly. I came home from school, and immediately knew something was not right.” During his freshman year of college, Buruca was fully involved in the campus’ television news organization, originally known as I~News. There he wrote, shot, produced and edited news packages for the Spanish newscast. Buruca also was a fill in anchor and produced many weather segments for the English newscast. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Buruca is a 2009 graduate from Lynn English High School. Whether he is tracking the latest headlines, taking still pictures at a wedding or focusing on his studies, Buruca is no stranger to hard work. How does google phone tracker Copyright 2015 BYU-I Scroll