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AJ Buruca is currently Content Director for Scroll Digital at BYU-Idaho where he is majoring in communications with an emphasis in broadcasting and a minor in photography. Since the age of seven, Buruca has always dreamed of becoming a broadcast journalist. He says, “News is something that has always caught my attention, especially after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I remember that day very clearly. I came home from school, and immediately knew something was not right.” During his freshman year of college, Buruca was fully involved in the campus’ television news organization, originally known as I~News. There he wrote, shot, produced and edited news packages for the Spanish newscast. Buruca also was a fill in anchor and produced many weather segments for the English newscast. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Buruca is a 2009 graduate from Lynn English High School. Whether he is tracking the latest headlines, taking still pictures at a wedding or focusing on his studies, Buruca is no stranger to hard work.

Citizens should complain less, do more

Right now, in the Middle East, people are risking their lives in protest for their freedom. In both violent and peaceful protests, the people are taking to the streets to ensure that their voices are heard and their desired freedoms and liberties are acknowledged. This revolution is an example of the people standing for themselves…

Disconnect from technology, internet

A cole of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a week in Hawaii with my family. The weather was beautiful, the beach was pristine, and the ocean was warm. I tried to soak in every minute of it that I could.  Six years ago my family took the exact same vacation.  We stayed…

Tuition Late-Payment Fees will be Waived

Due to financial aid disbursement issues, tuition late-payment fees will be waived. The student Financial Aid office is working to resolve these problems. This fee waiver only applies for those students still waiting for financial aid this semester. According to the university, classes will not be dropped if tuition is not paid by the deadline….

Scroll and I~Comm open to all students

Throughout the semester I have had the same question come to me from various people. The question usually goes something like this: “If I write an article for Scroll, will you publish it, or is that just something for communication majors?” I want to clear some misconceptions about Scroll for everyone outside of Spori 114. …

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