Articles by Brett Evans


Recognize dehumanization in your life

Illustration: Hunter Paramore   People. We are all connected in one way or another. He might be a friend; she might be a classmate; they might both like baseball, and he might have your same hair color. These connections help us see others as ourselves, putting us on equal ground. If we take those connections…


You are unique, just like everyone else

We’ve been told since childhood that we are all unique. In a relatively small college of 14,743 students, I am realizing that being different can be challenging. As one out of 7 billion people in the world, I become even more discouraged. At one time or another, I’m sure we have all had some kind…


Reality check: dreams can come true

I was told the other day rather bluntly that my dreams were not happening. So what if along with being a wonderful wife and mother I want to photograph for the greatest American news magazine and then do a few Broadway shows for kicks? I don’t pretend those are not difficult goals, but have never…

Preschool Children Create Personal Pizza

A gro of 18 preschool children took over The Crossroads to make their very own pizzas Oct. 18. Bakery week was the theme for the BYU-Idaho preschool. More specifically “Pizzeria”  themed for the three to five year olds who meet in the John L. Clarke Building Mondays through Thursdays for preschool. Every week the Child…

Fire breaks out in local apartment complex

A student received minor burns on her arms after a fire broke out in the Royal Crest Apartments complex Thursday at approximately 10 p.m. Natalie Wilcox, a freshman studying political science, sustained the burns as she attempted to contain the flames, which were started when one of the residents boiled oil intended for frying onion…

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