Author: Jacob Stephens

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The Jane Austen Yule Ball

The Jane Austen ball was a Christmas themed event dedicated to Jane Austen, the famous author from the 19th Century. Her novels are revered in academia. They include Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility...

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Saving Money for the Holidays

With Christmas right around the corner it is time to buy presents for friends and family and that means having money to spend. “In my opinion holiday savings is living within a budget so...

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Dala The Folk Duo’s Concert

BYU Idaho hosted Dala a folk music group from Canada. The group consists of Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther. They both met each other while in high school, at  band practice and became best...

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The New Ukulele Workshop

BYU-Idaho now has a Ukulele workshop where students can go to enjoy learning a new musical skill.   “Well there weren’t any advertisements for the ukulele workshop, cause they all said guitar. So it...

Performers at the Magic Moments show perform a number from Disney’s “Hercules.” The next talent activity is BYU-I’s Got Talent. KELLIE DEMENT | Scroll Photography 0

Magical Moments with Disney Songs

Lights, sound, timing, and much coordination went into preparing magic moments. Magic Moments is a Disney themed event where students sing and dance to Disney songs. The crew behind the show took careful heed...

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Ida Bronies

There’s a facebook group called the Ida Bronies that are up in Rexburg Idaho who are BYU Idaho Students.  

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Cold Treats Preparations

Businesses that deal with cold Treats such as, Kiwi Loco, Cold Stone, and a new shop Thor’s Ice Cream, are preparing ways to entice customers to come back during the colder months.