Author: Jaran Metcalf

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BYU-I Community Car Show

A community car show will be held in the BYU-I stadium parking lot on Saturday July 7.  Jeana Atkison, one of three students managing the event, said they hope the event will bring students...

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Political Party Societies at BYU-Idaho

As the Presidential election draws nearer, some students at BYU-Idaho are wondering if the university will allow societies for political parties to form again after they were banned in 2009 to more strictly abide...

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Oliphant’s Outdoor Demonstration

Professor Oliphant used what looked like a 40 foot long floating garbage bag on the lawn between the Spori and the library, to teach his students about thermodynamics. Professor Oliphant is in charge of...

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Reasons Behind the Bike Rules

REXBURG, ID– While BYU-Idaho administrators are encouraging students to ride their bikes to school, they also encourage students to know and follow the bike rules to maintain harmony on the sidewalks.  The bike rules...

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ORC Is Your Access to the Outdoors

The Outdoor Resource Center is the only comprehensive retail store for outdoor equipment in South East Idaho. It also repairs outdoor equipment and has over 4000 items for rent.

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Societies offer diverse experiences

  During winter semester, 91 student academic societies were registered at BYU-Idaho. Societies at BYU-I include the German Society, the Jazz Society, the Philosophical Society and the newly formed Songwriting Society. Guy Hollingsworth, associate...

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Outlet shares BYU-I students’ creativity

BYU-Idaho has its very own art and literature publication called Outlet. The Art Department and the English Academic Society team each year to create the literary journal. Students of photography, graphic design, drawing, painting,...

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Technology advances family history

The Family History Center at BYU-Idaho and advancements in technology provide resources and tools to make family history research more available to students. This year, a free new app called “FamilySearch Idexing” can be...