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Written by Breanne Gibb.  Jumping in a pool of ice-cold water then racing across the snow into a hot tub is what Rexburg locals call fun. Participants who attended the SnowFest held at Smith Park in Rexburg on Saturday, Jan. 30, do this willingly each year. The Polar Bear Swim, as described before, is one…


How attached are you to your phone?

In a recent Scroll survey, 97 percent of students reported feeling that the millennial generation is addicted to their cell phones. “I worry that I might be too attached to my phone,” said Andrew Farmer, a freshman studying engineering. “I think that it’s a significant problem with society today because we are missing important face-to-face…


Reaching your millennial potential

Lazy. Connected. Liberal. Narcissistic. Educated. Idealistic. Tolerant. Compassionate. Healthy. Throughout the media, these adjectives are only a few of those used to describe Millennials. Studies have been done mapping out the relationship trends, political opinions and spending habits among the generation that makes up one-third of the U.S. population, according to Pew Research Center. For…


Positive police experiences do happen

Monday, Oct. 26, teens in Washington D.C. witnessed a dance-off between a police officer and a student as a way to resolve a conflict, according to The Washington Post. At the end of the battle, the student, Aaliyah Taylor, and the officer hugged and went their separate ways as friends, according to the article. “Instead…


Facing the facts of mental illness

This past year I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about mental illness as I’ve observed the way some of my friends and relatives have dealt with their own mental illness. Some of them have sought professional help and have really benefited from it. Others have denied the fact that they have a…


Students are inspired by Alex Boye

Alex Boye performed in the BYU-Idaho John W. Hart Auditorium Friday, Sept. 25. Boye said his goal for his performance was that everybody could leave the concert feeling better and happier than when they went in. “For me, it’s not just about entertaining, but just trying to bring the Spirit and show people that you…

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