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David Packard A Vice President

David Packard is a seemingly normal guy. His demeanor would never reveal his schedule because he never seems busy. However, Packard is an editor for a newspaper, an executive secretary in his church, a member of his school’s student represtative council and a future vice president in the same organization. Packard hails from Gilbert, Arizona….

Kelly Gives Final Address

Donald Kelly gave his Final Address on Tuesday, March 23rd on a special on I~NEWS. Kelly geared his talk to the “small minority of students who questioned the SRC’s effectiveness.” The rest of the speech was about the major accomplishments of the Student Representative Council. Some of the achievments that Kelly mentioned included placing a…

Meet The Presidency On INEWS

The new SRC presdiency appeared on I~NEWS for a special “Meet the Presidency” spot on the show. There were many questions that were asked, including “What is the SRC going to do to help the students next semester?” In response to this question, Marc LeFevre, the coming SRC president for the Summer semester, said “There…

Fire Alarms Force Students Out Of Buildings

Students were forced to evacuate several buildings on campus when fire alarms sounded on Wednesday. Some of the buildings that were evacuated included the Hyrum Manwaring Center, David O. McKay Library, George S. Romney, Jacob Spori and John W. Hart buildings. The alarm was caused by a frozen fire hydrant that thawed in the warmer temperature,…

Mirowave Dinner Causes Evacuation

Mirowave Dinner Causes Evacuation

REXBURG, Idaho—The Benson Building fire alarms were sounded Wednesday night due to a microwave fire that a student caused while making dinner. Many students were unsure of what exactly happened. “I was just in the Taylor and I heard fire alarms so I came out to see what was going on. I saw fire trucks…

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