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Student trapped in apartment during flood

Six apartments in Baronnessa flooded July 15. Lizzie Colvin, a resident of one of the first level apartments in the 400 building and a sophomore studying preschool education, was trapped in her apartment during the flash floods. Colvin said she was sitting in her living room when water started leaking through the closed front door….

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Don’t just finish tasks, build people

I love being a journalist. I love solving last-minute problems, challenging myself to write a last-minute story, and striving for accuracy and perfection. Most of all, I love to interview people. Because I’ve interviewed a variety of people, I have come to see what makes people happy, excited, sad and devastated. I have learned that…

Patrick Ulrich, a senior majoring in theatre studies, helped design the set for his senior capstone project, which is similar to the Globe Theater in London for the play “The Shoemaker’s Holiday.” According to, the play was written by Thomas Decker, an English playwright, and was published in 1600.
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Elizebethan set built in amphitheater

Students are working to design and build an outdoor set in the David O. McKay Amphitheater for “The Shoemaker’s Holiday,” a production that will be performed July 1-3 and 8-11. Patrick Ulrich, a senior majoring in theatre studies, designed the set for his senior capstone project. He said he has been working with the director…

Dirk Parker, Freshman, Communications Major

Students showcase Broadway songs

Students who enjoy acting, singing and dancing, performed in an auditioned show called Broadway Revue May 30. Kirsten Rast, a freshman studying theatre performance, sang “You Love Who You Love” from “Bonnie and Clyde” with her friend Ali Friedman, a freshman studying elementary education. “I love the feeling after you have heard the applause and…


Mental Illnesses can be overcome

Tiffany Gilbert (name has been changed), a freshman majoring in marriage and family studies, shifts her weight while she sits in the church pew. The priesthood holder is about to hand the sacrament tray to the first person on her row. A lot of people would not be concerned about the tray coming to their…

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