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I like brownies, journalism and my husband Nick. I will be the writer behind the daily news and the next Food Network Star.


Recap of the roll-call vote at #DNCinPHL

Delegates from every state participated in the Roll Call at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. According USA Today, “A roll call vote is when each state comes forward and announces how many delegates they are delivering to each candidate based (mostly) on the results of the state’s primary.” In the end,…


WATCH: Temple to Temple relays

Story by Corrine Woomer Last Saturday, students and residents of Rexburg ran in the Temple to Temple Relay organized by student activities here at BYU-Idaho. While some competed and worked hard for their times, others just did it to have a good time with friends. The volunteers that were helping with the relay stood along…


WATCH: Rexburg and speeding

Story by Rachel Sande  One thing that is commonly associated with millenials is how fast they drive. All jokes aside, speeding has become a real problem here in Rexburg. “Speeding is an issue here in the city of Rexburg,” said Captain Randy Lewis,of the Rexburg Police Department. “It’s a daily enforcement deal. We got a…

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