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Prayer room contested in Texas

A prayer room, often used by Muslim students at a Frisco, Texas, high school, is raising concerns. The room has been at the school for eight years. Recently, parents and attorneys suggest this policy may be promoting religion or even giving special treatment to certain denominations. “Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion,”…


Project works to recover 1960s telescope

Written by Kelly Walters The BYU-Idaho physics department and the electrical engineering department are collaborating together to recover the university’s                     largest telescope. The telescope, originally brought to campus in the 1960s, has not been functioning for several years, thus preventing public access from students and…


Remembering BYU-Idaho’s legacy

On Feb. 14, the Science and Technology Center was dedicated by Neil L. Andersen, adding this building to the long line of tradition and excellence at BYU-Idaho. With all the change in the past years, the legacy and spirit of Ricks College continues to grow after its transition to become BYU-I in 2001. With seven…


Obama’s family only looks perfect

President Obama is leaving office. Big whoop. Just because Obama is leaving does not mean those of us who have opposed the president and his policies should suddenly have to praise his name. We are not going to simply ignore all of his policy failures and tell him what a good boy he’s been. His…


Political parties 101: The Republicans

CLEVELAND –  “Millennials would rather engage in PokemonGo than politics,” Laquan Austion, CEO of Action for America, said in a panel on July 20. The perception that millennials are not engaged in their country and her future is a notion that is expressed by many. But, Austion later went on to say that “[Millennials] do…


Youth within the GOP reach out

It is certainly no secret that the GOP has had difficulties appealing to millennials. Claire Leiter, 24, from Minnesota is part of a group of millennials at the Republican National Convention trying to change that. Leiter is a member of the Republican National Convention Youth Caucus. “The RNC Youth Caucus is essentially a group of…

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