Author: Matthew Leach

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Goodbye snow, hello sunshine

After a cold and somewhat snowy week, a ridge of high pressure will settle over the Western US, bringing sunshine and seasonable temperatures all the way through the Thanksgiving holiday

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A cold and snowy weekend ahead

Tis the season for cold and snow! Scroll Digital Forecaster Matt Leach talks about a potent storm moving into eastern Idaho this weekend which could bring the first significant snowfall of the season to...

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Too cold for you? A warm is coming

Rexburg has been living to its expectations lately with plenty of wind, cold temperatures and snow. But things are about to warm and dry out around here. How long will this last? Scroll Digital...

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Colder Weather On The Way

Halloween’s snow flurries and brisk wind reminded BYU-Idaho students that winter is not too far away. According to Scroll Digital forecaster Matt Leach, winter might actually be closer than we think.

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Case of the “Arctic High”

It’s been a positively glorious cole of weeks featuring sunshine, mild temperatures and very little wind. But thanks to an ominous and chilly arctic intrusion, we’ll likely see temperatures make a 20 degree drop...

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Introducing BYU-Idaho Radio

Just south of the student health center lies a building you probably didn’t even know existed. Welcome to BYU-Idaho Radio. KBYI and KBYR, both campus-owned radio stations, reach listeners as far south as Burley...

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Introducing the “Omega Block”

Thanks to what is termed as an “omega block,” much of the Northwest is enjoying sunshine and seasonable temperatures. What is it and how long will this beautiful fall weather last? Scroll Digital Forecaster...