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Athletes’ preparation precedes success

Athletes at BYU-Idaho dedicate time, talent and energy to compete in their respective sports to find success and achieve victory. The preparation behind this dedicated drive begins before an athlete enters into competition, according to the NCAA. A training regimen of healthy dieting and exercising can help prepare student athletes to compete at their highest…


Bowlers light up lanes, punish pins

Pins toppled as bowlers participated in the BYU-Idaho bowling tournament on Nov. 21 in the Manwaring Center Bowling Alley. The bowling tournament allowed students to put their bowling skills to the test while offering a friendly and fun environment to compete in. “Most people aren’t comfortable with bowling, so it gets them out of their…


Alliances form during canoe battleship

The John W. Hart Building pool hosted a battleship tournament in which students maneuvered canoes on Nov. 14. Unlike its table-top counterpart, the BYU-Idaho battleship tournament gave combatants the chance to sink opposing canoes using kitchenware, trashcans and lids to bombard them with water, according to Chris White, a freshman studying chemistry, said that instead…


Thanksgiving football is a gift to be grateful for

The annual Turkey Bowl was held for BYU-Idaho students on the upper playing fields on Nov. 7. With all the trimmings a six-on-six football tournament has to offer, participants played in the traditional competition to help kick off the beginning of the Thanksgiving season. The National Football League’s (NFL) tradition of holding games on Thanksgiving…


New sport inverts traditional ways

A new sport has been introduced and can be found on the courts in the BYU-Idaho Center. Inversion ball is a unique combination of ultimate frisbee, team handball and basketball, which has two teams competing against one another to score goals, according to IMLeagues. “Instead of having the goals on each end, we decided to…

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