Articles by Spencer Board


Minimal millennials find new values

There are many trends millennials are getting into. One trend in particular reflects the biblical principle of storing one’s treasures in Heaven and not on Earth: minimalism. Many think that minimalism is simply not having many things, but the definition is deeper than that. Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value…


Starting sex education in the home

Written by Spencer Board and KayReah Warner Physical intimacy is a sacred part of Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness; however, there are those who think sex is a taboo topic. Kevin Green, a marriage and family counseling instructor specializing in pornography addiction, said although sex is sacred, parents have the responsibility to talk about it…


Nintendo “switches” up a new console

There is a new gaming console making its way to the market. The Nintendo Switch is designed to let you play games where and when you want, according to The newest console in the Nintendo family will feature various ways to play, including a TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode, making the console…

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