Articles by Sydney Jensen

Sydney Jensen is a broadcast journalism student. She loves news, video and reporting. She's been working for Scroll TV news since 2013 and enjoys telling the stories of the people around her.


We are the hinges of history

“He looks sad mommy! Why does he look sad?” The little girl stood next to my camera, wide-eyed and desperately tried to yell over the roar of anger. Disgust spilling from the convention floor. “Say it!” A man above me taunted at the stage. Booing, hissing and screaming grew and grew until the noise overpowered…


Idaho loses potential representation after rule fight

CLEVELAND — Idaho lost a chance for increased representation following a disagreement on the convention floor, Monday, July 18. Idaho State House Representative Ron Nate said a proposal within the amended rules, rejected by the rules committee, would have given Idaho 20 percent more representation in future conventions. Alternate Delegate Maria Nate said that the…


Socialism is not the way for the US

Election season is in full swing as candidates have kicked their campaigns into overdrive in the battle for electoral votes. But, this election, the candidates are less interesting compared to the broader principle they represent. “The most important feature of America’s political landscape is a deep and growing ideological divide,” according to The Wall Street…


Cruzin’ for the Constitution

Editor’s Note: The following is a column from the editorial staff. Freedom is very inconvenient. It requires sacrifice, selflessness and a thick skin. Very rarely does freedom ask how one feels. Rather it asks what is right. Freedom is also fragile. “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people…


Students react to “man-bun” Honor Code policy

Scroll TV reporter Sydney Jensen interviewed students on the BYU-Idaho campus to get their reactions regarding the university’s policy regarding the “man-bun.” The “man-bun” is typically worn with hair shaved on the sides of the head with a top-knot worn in the middle. “We would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle,” said Tyler Barton, Student…

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