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I am a broadcast journalist in training :) I love American History and the Constitution Anyone who knows me know that my life is filled with patriotism, red, white and blue - through and through! :D Public speaking is a favorite hobby of mine Dancing and music are core parts of my life, I couldn't live without either of those My favorite music by far is good smooth jazz Faith, Family, Friends and Country are my priorities - in that order - plain and simple :) It is my belief that the success of a nation depends solely on the individual behaviors and righteousness of it's individual citizens. So if we plan on trying to fix the issues in America, we must FIRST look inside ourselves and take an honest assessment of who we are, who we can become and what it takes to get there. It is in this the success of the United States relies.

City of Rexburg

Rexburg Named 12th Safest City

Rexburg is “America’s Family Community” and now one of America’s safest cities. An annual report generated by states that Rexburg is safer than 86% of all of the cities in the United States. Making it 12th safest in the nation. Captain Lewis stated, “We’re the only ones in the state of Idaho that got…

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