TAMARA RAWSON | Scroll Photography

TAMARA RAWSON | Scroll Photography

Two players from each of the women’s competitive basketball teams this semeter played against their coaches Saturday at 2 p.m. in the John W. Hart Auxiliary Gym.

The game ended with a final score of 88 to 82 in favor of the coaches. Within the first half of the game, the women’s team was struggling to keep up on the scoreboard.

By the end of the first half of the game, the women were only down by two points and the scoreboard read 46 to 48.

Throughout the second half, the women’s team battled back and forth with the coaches and held the game within two points most of the time.

In the last three minutes the women were losing by five points until they hit a basket to finish the game.

The coaches’ team was only winning by a few points. Irene Routson, a sophomore studying recreation management, sat in the crowd to cheer on her sister and teammate.

“I enjoyed seeing girls who were once ‘enemies’ combine and share their

talents with their new teammates in order to defeat the coaches,” Routson said. “They seemed to have fun, put past wrongs behind them, and focus on the present goal.”

A few dozen fans sat in the stands and cheered only for the women’s team. The coaches would make points, steals and blocks, and they hardly received applause from the crowd.

“I think the crowd gave the coaches’ team a little bit of a hard time because they wanted the girls to win,” said Annie Willett, a freshman majoring in general studies.

Andrew Lang, a junior studying accounting, was a coach for the Hurricanes this season. He said it was fun to play with the athletes they had coached all season and just have a good time.

“During the season, things have to be a bit more focused, but today we could just play and have a good time no matter what happened,” Lang said.

Lang said the coaches all have good relationships off the court, no matter how the season is going.

“We’ve always had a pretty laid back and friendly relationship between everyone, even during the season,” Lang said. “There are a few who are a bit more intense than others, and they were usually less talkative with whoever they were going to play that week.”

Lang said now that the season is over, all of the coaches joke about certain parts of coaching.

Lang said there were memorable moments throughout the game.

“We had one of the assistant coaches that just caught fire from behind the three, and he launched one from 4 feet behind the line,” Lang said. “That was pretty insane.“

Lang said he thought it was funny when one of the coaches missed wide-open layups.

Emma Thomas, a BYU-Idaho alumna and a player on the women’s team, said the first half was tough because they were losing by 14 points.

“We didn’t get upset with each other and rallied back to take the lead,” Thomas said.

Even with the tough competition, Thomas said, the two teams stayed focused on having a good time.

By the end of the game both coaches and all-stars said they did not care about what the scoreboard told them.

“I feel like we all had a goal in mind to win and no one had an ego, which made it easy to get along,” Thomas said.