BYU-Idaho held a break dance tournament on Nov. 14 and saw students come and express themselves through their own style of dance.

Yareni Mendez, a senior studying sociology, said she has been break dancing for two years.

She said she dances because it is her way to convey her emotions while expressing herself in a fun and enjoyable way.

“It expresses my personality because it gives me a way to come out of my shell, and I get to be bold and confident.” Mendez said.

She said in break dancing she is able to combine a wide range of moves that create flow, and she is able to tell a story in a unique way that gets others involved in the current moment.

Mendez said she often battles other break dance groups, but this semester, she created a new group, NOVA, a name that comes from supernova. The crew is a six-person crew that battled for the first time on Saturday.

Jorge Nateras, a sophomore studying business management, said the dance battle was uniquely structured and split into two divisions.

Part of the bracket was a competition for all styles of dance, which included b-boy dancing, krumping and hip-hop dancing.

Nateras said the winners from both sides of the bracket competed for the championship.

Nateras was the overall winner. His style is break dancing, known as b-boy dancing.

“This particular dance style is one of the only styles I can think of that is constantly changing,” Nateras said. “You think of ballroom or salsa, they have their set moves. But breaking can take from all sorts of dance styles and put a twist on it. Even poses in yoga can be taken and added to it.”

He said the freedom is what he enjoys most about dancing. He said he likes being a b-boy because it allows him to incorporate many styles of dance into his routines and to express his creativity in a new way.

“There are many breakers,” Nateras said. “But everyone is always pushing themselves to look different from another person, to stand out for their style, or to catch their opponent off guard.”

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