Student Activities sold 240 tickets for the Badger Creek Outdoor Discovery trip on Saturday. BYU-Idaho has been holding Outdoor Discovery trips for about a year. In the past Badger Creek was used for the Quest program, but recently the center has been turned over to Student Activities. MARISOL ARMENDEZ | Scroll Photography

Students participated in the Outdoor Discovery program on Saturday at Badger Creek.
Canoeing, archery, rock climbing, mountain biking and shooting black powder rifles are among the many activities the program offers.
The participating students were separated into 15 gros to rotate through all of the activities.
“The equipment and structures are totally safe. Everyone on staff is trained and certified to keep people safe,” said Kyle Roeser, a senior studying mechanical engineering. Roeser is serving as the assistant servisor of the Outdoor Learning Center.
“Everything we do can be tied into some principle, whether it’s self-esteem, goal setting or teamwork,” Roeser said.
The program is available to all students regardless of their skill levels.
“The Activities Program is for students to practice what they learn in their classes,” said George Simons, a senior studying political science. “Outdoor Discovery is essentially a playground where you can build your testimony of Christ in different ways than in the classroom.”
Simons serves as the area director of Outdoor Activities, which he has been involved with for seven semesters.
The Outdoor Discovery program is sponsored by Outdoor Activities.
Taylor Gibson, a freshman studying business management, was happy to spend a day outside of Rexburg.
“I like it because it’s really pretty out here and it’s something fun to do,” Gibson said.
It costs $8 for students to participate in the Outdoor Discovery. The fee covers lunch, a T-shirt and a bus ride to and from Badger Creek.
A popular activity among the students was the giant swing.
After being strapped into a harness, each student hooks onto a rope and is pulled 40 feet into the air.
The rope is then released, and the student falls down and swings back and forth.
Cristina Stegelmeier, a junior studying health science, said she didn’t know about the giant swing until she arrived at the ranch.
“It was pretty intense. I came here because I wanted to do a lot of outdoor things. It is all just for everyone to have fun,” Stegelmeier said.
The school mission statement  encourages students to continue their learning through different means. According to, “The BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center creates deeply significant leadership, learning, and recreational experiences through partnerships with academic departments and campus organizations.”
There are many events that the Outdoor Discovery Center will be sponsoring throughout the semester.
The next event at Badger Creek is scheduled for October 27.
More information about coming events hosted by outdoor discovery can be found at