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Playing pranks is an important part of the college experience, however, making sure not to take them too far and cause property damage is also important, according to

Daniel Gaspar, a junior studying art, said he does not like pranking in general.

“Sometimes they are fun, and sometimes they can go too far,” Gaspar said. “If I get pranked by my friends, then I understand, but if it’s by people I don’t know, then I just get upset.”

He said it can also depend on the severity of the prank, because if it is a big deal, it will bother him.

“Sometimes pranks cause a big mess, and it all seems like you’re just trying to mess up something,” Gaspar said.

Gaspar said he didn’t see the need to make big messes just to clean it up.

“There are certain boundaries that you shouldn’t cross,” said Josh Hilburn, a junior studying accounting. “If you go too far, it can get hurtful. I think it’s fun and healthy, and it builds friendships.”

He said planning is required if people want to do a good prank.

“You can’t let it show in your face either,” Hilburn said.

Paige Carver, a freshman studying recreation management, said pranking is one of her favorite pastimes.

Carver said one of her favorite pranks she did was with her Home Evening brothers, which was a great bonding experience.

“We live in an apartment complex, and one of our FHE brothers was waiting on the second floor trying to pour water on us, so we snuck up to the third floor, and while he was looking over trying to get us, we poured it over from the top, and covered him in flour, and so it turned into a sort of cement,” Carver said, “Water and flour — it’s a good combo.”

She said some of her favorite pranks are putting saran wrap at eye level so that the person gets clotheslined and putting jello inside a toilet.

Carver said a zip tie on a Febreeze bottle makes a great prank because then the individual just throws the bottle inside an apartment, and the whole bottle empties into the room, leaving a terrible smell.

She said to prank people who are calm about it so they do not get angry.

“I think you have to have accomplices, a look out for when a person is coming and someone to help you clean up,” Carver said. “They can be simple. They don’t have to be big and messy.”

Katie Barker, a junior studying recreation management, said it takes a certain person to pull off the perfect prank.

“My favorite prank to do would be Icy Hot on the toilet seat,” Barker said. “It requires stealth mode, and accomplices because you can’t go in the guys’ apartments, so you got to get some help there, or you can do it to your own roommates.”

She said her favorite April Fools’ Day prank was the one she did to her brother.

“One time, I put confetti on top of a fan,” Barker said. “So when my brother turned on the fan, it was a confetti party. But I ended up having to clean it up, so I think the key to a good prank is that you have to do it clean enough so that if you have to clean it up, it’s not so bad.”

Barker said she enjoys taking twine and tying someone’s door to the railing so they cannot get out of their home.

She said it is difficult when a similar prank happens to her.

“I came home one night, and the door was covered with snow,” Barker said. “It was so hard that it bent my ice scraper, and no one could help from the inside.”

Barker said she and her roommates received help from friends to get inside her apartment.

She said she and her friends chipped away at the door for 40 minutes.

Barker said she believed a prank like that required some stalker-like qualities.

“You have to have someone sneaky find out where you are and track you,” Barker said.

Jayme Duringer, a senior studying health science, said she likes pranking.

“I’ve done a lot of pranking,” Duringer said. “It doesn’t have to be a big extravagant prank, but I like playing tricks on people, like making them believe something — almost like lying, but I just like to call it ‘joking lying’ because eventually, you tell them you are joking.”