BYU-Idaho students will have the chance to participate in the Battle of the Dance event on June 10 at 8 p.m. in the Kirkham Auditorium.

Battle of the Dance is one of BYU-I’s most favorite and well-known events that showcases students participating in a variety of dance styles, according to the Battle of the Dance Facebook page.

Students who want to participate first have to audition in order to be part of the actual event, according to the BYU-I website.

Sierra Fuhriman, a sophomore studying public health who has participated in the event before, said she a great time and loved the event because it was so much fun.

“There was adrenaline, different dances were performing, and it is just for fun. I did clogging before,” Fuhriman said.

Students perform all genres of dance, including contemporary, ballroom, hip hop, swing dancing and more, according to the BYU-I website.

Marci Klivans, the captain of the BYU-I color guard and a sophomore studying software engineering, said that they wanted to participate with the color guard in the event to show students that BYU-I has a color guard on campus.

“Not many people know that a color guard exists on campus right now,” Klivans said.

Claire Holden, a sophomore studying English, said dance is a way to help someone feel free and forget about the things happening around you.

“When you’re dancing, you’re not thinking about anything else and you just feel free,” Holden said. “You’re not thinking about the things that are going on around you.”

Klivans said that Battle of the Dance allows smaller performing arts groups to perform.

“As a color guard, we are looking for opportunities to perform,” Klivans said. “We are a performing art, but we’re a smaller group and so there are not that many big events that are hosted that allows us to do that.”

Battle of the Dance is known to be not only a favorite event on campus, but also popular in Rexburg, according to the Battle of the Dance Facebook page.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $3 for both students and the public and classroom attire is permitted, according to the Battle of the Dance Facebook page.