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Students will have the opportunity to attend the Battle of the Dance held in the Oscar A. Kirkham theatre on Friday June 12 at 8 p.m.

Brandon Lentine, the event manager and a senior majoring in international studies, said the Battle of the Dance is a diverse dance competition that showcases a variety of different dance genres performed by various students on campus.

Lentine said students coming to the Battle of the Dance will see hip-hop, pop, salsa, tango, ballroom and much more.

“Students should expect to see some great routines that showcase different styles of dance from all over the world,” said Crystal McClellan, a contestant in the Winter 2015 Battle of the Dance competition and a senior studying elementary education.

Katie Blood, a long-time contestant of the competition and a senior studying dance, said she feels that this year’s event will be especially interesting.

“I caught a glimpse of some of the dances and was pleasantly surprised at not only the level of dancing, but the diversity of the groups,” Blood said.

Lentine said the last show had so many students who wanted to attend that people had to be turned away.

“It is one of the most sold-out shows on campus,” Lentine said.

Lentine said the audience will act as judges at the end of the show to determine which group they feel was the best.

“The best-in-show is not first or second, it is the best-in-show,” Lentine said. “Everyone wins.”

Blood said not having an official winner and loser is an important element to Battle of the Dance.

“The problem is that choosing a winner is like comparing apples and oranges,” Blood said. “How can you compare a beautiful waltz to a hard-hitting hip-hop?”

McClellan said the audience is the best part of being a performer in the Battle of the Dance.

“If the audience is clapping, yelling and responding to our dance, it always makes it more fun to perform,” McClellan said.

Blood said dance is meant to inspire and change people.

“Dancing is taking an idea, an emotion, a scenario and expressing it physically so that it can be enjoyed on a deeper level,” Blood said.

The event costs $3 and is classroom dress attire.