PARKER KANE | Courtesy Photo

PARKER KANE | Courtesy Photo

Since his childhood, Parker Kane, a sophomore studying psychology, said he has found joy in beatboxing. He said he would define beatboxing as the art of producing drum beats and other musical sounds with the mouth instead of instruments.

Hayley Kane, Parker Kane’s sister and a sophomore studying elementary education, said her brother’s talent stands out.

“It’s not something everybody can do, such as singing,” Hayley Kane said.

Parker Kane said he has performed in most of the shows on campus, including the Last Voice Standing, I-Cover, Acoustics Café and as an opening performance at Power to Become.

“I love making people happy, and I love wowing them,” Parker Kane said. “I also love the thrill of performing.”

Hayley Kane said beatboxing has given her brother countless opportunities to serve people and bring happiness to their lives.

“If you know Parker at all, you know making people happy is something he loves to do,” Hayley Kane said.

Parker Kane said he started beatboxing when he was nine-years-old after being inspired by Justin Timberlake and his ability to make drum noises with his mouth.

“When I started beatboxing, I was not very good at all,” Parker Kane said. “I was driving my family crazy and  spitting everywhere.”

Hayley Kane said her brother learned to discipline himself until he was able to become a natural beatboxer.

“I honestly think that it’s a God-given talent.” Hayley Kane said. “It came naturally for him at a very young age.”

Parker Kane said it was not long before he started to go viral on YouTube.

He said one of his most popular viral videos came after someone posted a video of him beatboxing as an LDS missionary in Oregon.

The video has over 35,000 views with almost 60 comments.

“I don’t remember this being on the list of finding activities in Preach My Gospel, but I’m almost positive it’s more effective than most of them,” said Tyler Smith, a YouTube user, in a comment on the video.

Parker Kane said his beatboxing allowed him and his missionary companions to teach and contact more people than they normally would.

“It was a perfect ice-breaker for conversations,” Parker Kane said.

He said his dream as a beatboxer is to get a larger audience on YouTube, and then have the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians around the world.

“I think it’s cool to see how many LDS people have incredible talents and how big of an impact they have on the world,” Parker Kane said.

He said some of he most inspiring Latter-day Saint artists are Alex Boye and The Piano Guys.

Parker Kane said his greatest difficulty as a beatboxer has come from people not taking him seriously.

“I can tell anyone I beatbox, and they just think I’m a poser and that I won’t be any good at it,” Parker Kane said.

Parker Kane said a person should never say no to their dreams despite the difficulties they may face.

“You’re going to have ups and downs no matter what, that’s just a fact of life,” Parker Kane said. “Doors will close, but other doors will open.”