Under the shadow of bigger, more well-known music groups in Rexburg, a Beatles impersonation band called “The Beatells” perform.

“The purpose of the band is just to have fun,” said Jesse Garrard, tribute band member who impersonates George Harrison. “We all have our own different reasons for wanting to do it. For me, I like performing. It is an interest I’ve found more recently and I really like performing with my friends.”

Being a part of an impersonation band is no small feat. To be as authentic as possible, the band members go to great lengths to get everything exactly right.

“The toughest part of being in this band has been learning to be George Harrison,” Garrard said. “For me I’ve had to do a lot of research on The Beatles, specifically on George Harrison, his mannerisms, and his accent and my Liverpool accent is horrible. But that’s been the hardest part is trying to hold my guitar in the same way, play the chords in the same way he plays them, talk in the same way, the way I stand and move on the stage.”

The Beatells have performed at a local restaurant called Nielsen’s a couple of times. Their upcoming performance there on the 17th is going to be special, however.

“We’re doing a charity event at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard for Operation Underground Railroad,” Garrard said. “We are going to be playing to bring customers, bring people who are interested, not only in the food, but hopefully people who will be interested in the cause as well.”

According to the Operation Underground Railroad website, it is an organization whose cause is to bring down child sex trafficking rings around the world. Their efforts have resulted in 608 victims rescued in the past two years. Using their love for music and The Beatles, this band will be able to help raise money for this great cause. They will be performing Friday, February 17th at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard for this charity event.