Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity on campus? Perhaps play a sport or become a referee? BYU-Idaho students Amanda Kraus and Philip Mackley got involved in coaching men’s competitive volleyball this semester.

“The head coordinator, his name is Cameron, and I met with him and I was looking for volunteer opportunities, and he said I’m looking for some volleyball coaches,” said Kraus, a junior studying physical therapy. “I said I was interested and asked for more information, and we sat down and talked, and that’s how I started.”

Mackley said an email was sent out saying a coach was needed for men’s volleyball.

“I’ve been around competitive leagues before, and so I just wanted to be a little bit more involved in the school and my education and extra curricular (activities), and so I decided I wanted to give it a shot and learn from my players just really how to play volleyball and have fun,” said Mackley, a sophomore studying automotive.

For both Amanda and Philip, this is their first time coaching men’s volleyball. Although it is a learning curve, they both agree it is fun being in a team.

“Last week we had good games, but I got to see some of the glimpses of what our team can be and so help them to see that they have the potential of being an awesome team or a good team,” said Mackley.

If you think you have what it takes to become a coach or just want to volunteer, feel free to drop in the Social Activities office, located on the second floor of the MC.