On Thursday, June 23, President Clark G. Gilbert held a forum for students studying communication called “Beacons of Light in the Expanding Digital Landscape.”

During this forum he shared his experience working with Deseret News, that has as its mission to be “Trusted voices of light and truth reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide”, and what they do to achieve it.

Deseret News write articles about family, faith, and moral values, according to President Gilbert. Members of the church are not the only ones interested in those topics. President Gilbert showed that half of the American people are interested in those topics.

Today there are 400 newspapers around the country that publishes articles from Deseret News, according to President Gilbert.

Camille Du Par, a sophomore studying communication, said that she wants to produce videos after she graduates and she found the message given by President Gilbert very useful.

“There are people I can find who are not the center of my focus but are in the fringes of my audience that can be touched by the message of my videos,” Du Par said. “It opened my eyes to a large audience.”

Jake Sumpter, a sophomore studying business management, said that even though his future career does not involve working with media, he still enjoyed the forum.

“President Gilbert spoke a lot about families and how important they are,” Sumpter said. “Even if we don’t post anything about the gospel necessarily on Facebook and Twitter, we can strength others people’s ideas about families through social media.”

President Gilbert emphasized his invitation to be trusted voices of light and truth as we work with media and communication and even in our personal social media.