Saturday, October 10th, was a night to remember as Rexburg Idaho’s Haunted Straw Maze and Haunted Forest had a record-breaking night in sales. Night after night, people line up to come face to face with the monsters of the maze. Every monster’s story is similar- they love to scare.

“When I come into the Maze, I can be somebody who I’m not normally during the week. I can be a completely different character,” said Chainsaw.

For others, reasons to play a monster are much more simple.

“I get to scare the crap out of people and sit in the wilderness,” said Forsaken.

Some of the monsters aren’t as scary as they appear, but don’t be deceived. They still know how to give a good fright.

“There was this girl, she went through the forest, went through the maze and she came up to me and said, ‘Excuse me sir, I didn’t really have a good time. No one was able to scare me and I think I’d like my money back.’ And before she could say another word, I jumped at her, and I scared her half to death,” said Winston.

But, it’s not just the thrill of scaring guests. For these monsters, the whole Halloween season is something to be excited for.

“The Straw Maze celebrates my number one favorite holiday and that is Halloween and I’ve been stuck in it for thousands and thousands of years,” said Rudolpho.

Others appreciate the Halloween spirit for other reasons.

“I’m going to have to say all of the unscrupulous and unsavory characters I see everywhere,” said Captain Jack Sparrow.

In this Straw Maze, there are monsters around every corner. They can’t touch you, but it doesn’t mean they won’t get close.

And this year, there are between 80 to 100 haunters prepared to scare. But, what most guests don’t realize as they walk into the Maze, is that the majority of these haunters are BYU-Idaho students and alumni. Straw Maze owner and founder, Fodie Jones, also graduated from BYU-Idaho.

“I was actually going to BYU-Idaho in the Business program and I did summer sales. I’m all about summer sales and all about learning how to sell products and services and I was like, ‘I can sell this’ so we came up with the idea, and we built it, and we’ve been selling it ever since,” said Fodie Jones.

This year marks the eighth season of the Original Straw Maze in Rexburg, Idaho. Reporting from Rexburg, I’m Camilla Cook. Scroll TV News.