The Disciple Leader Conference council frantically searched for a new speaker while trying to resolve other problems in a short 10-week period.

Lance Plumb, the director of the Disciple Leader Council for Winter Semester 2017 and a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said after he was appointed to be the director of the council, he was given the task by Melodi Johnson, the full time adviser of the program, to come up with a topic. He said as he fasted and prayed during the Christmas break he felt deeply impressed that the topic should be “What Lack I Yet?” an October 2015 General Conference talk given by Larry  R. Lawrence, a General Authority Seventy of The Church Jesus of Latter-day Saints .

Plumb said the first speaker they had chosen for this semester’s conference was President Clark G. Gilbert. Upon being called as the President of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, the council was informed that President Gilbert would no longer be able to speak and now needed to find another speaker for the event that was then only weeks away.

The Disciple Leadership Council prepare for the Winter 2017 Disciple Leadership Conference.

He said he and the council rallied together and began to brainstorm their new ideas after learning they needed to find a new speaker. After presenting their idea to the council members, they all sustained having Kip B. Harris, the  dean of students, as the DLC key note speaker.

Alec Emmelkamp, the booth coordinator for the Disciple Leader Conference and a senior studying public health, said he has been working with a lot of the volunteers and trying to find them.

“Many times people get sick or they cannot help last minute,” Emmelkamp said. “But it has been interesting to see how the Lord has helped with everything and had his hand in this conference.”

Plumb said the council wanted to make sure the student sessions would be more beneficial to those student participants who came ready to   be taught.

Walker Crystal, a mentor coordinator and a junior studying automotive engineering technology, said he has been one of the mentors in the past and has enjoyed being on the planning side this year.

Crystal said their main focus this semester is the Holy Spirit. The council wants those who attend the event to learn how to better follow the spirit and how to understand and teach by the Holy Ghost.

Crystal said the council has worked with teachers to help them to better understand conference’s theme so they can use their own personal experience to help edify and relate to those they teach.

Haylee Hammond, the blitzing coordinator and a freshman studying therapeutic management, said she likes to share her experience of going to the Disciple Leader Conference for the first time. She said she extends an invitation to pray and prepare for a question for the conference and to read the talks that are available beforehand.

Disciple Leader Conference occurs at the end of each semester with a different key note speaker and theme each time.