Editor’s note: The following is a column from the editorial staff.

Dr. Ben Carson has beaten the odds in many things, such as making it out of poverty, struggling to pay his way through college, graduating from Yale University and then the University of Michigan School of Medicine, overcoming a violent temper through his faith in God and becoming one of the world’s top neurosurgeons. It is no wonder he is the most highly favored presidential candidate among BYU-Idaho students.

As a presidential candidate, Dr. Carson has much to offer. One of the biggest points in his favor is that he is not a career politician. Judging by recent polls, it is clear the American people are tired of career politicians running Washington.

The American people want a candidate who is intelligent, God-fearing and uncompromising when it comes to American values. Dr. Carson is all of those things.

Dr. Carson has a strong plan to limit and shrink the size of the federal government. He believes we, the American people, deserve to be treated as what we are, the true owners of the federal government. His plan calls for reporting the progress that is being made to make the government more cost-effective.

His plan to limit the size of government makes him a very attractive candidate indeed, but it is his revolutionary tax plan that cinches the deal.

While the flat tax is not necessarily a new idea, Dr. Carson’s tax plan makes it fair for everyone. His plan will completely replace the current over-bloated tax code. All income will be taxed at 14.9 percent and will only be taxed once.Ben Carson Quick Fact

Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Inc. said he favors a flat tax, according to The Daily Caller.

“The one that is the cleanest one so far has come from Dr. Ben Carson,” Forbes said in regards to the different Republican candidates tax plans.

A flat tax is the only way to be fair to everyone. We in the Latter-day Saint community already have experience with a flat tax through paying tithing. Those who make less pay less, those who make more pay more, but all pay the same percentage, making it fair for everyone.

“I believe restoring free market policies, including a simpler, flat tax and reduced government regulatory burden on businesses, will increase the incomes of middle class families and allow more people to achieve the American dream,” Dr. Carson said.

Dr. Carson may seem to be a mild-mannered, soft spoken neurosurgeon, but when it comes to foreign policy, he is strong and uncompromising, a leadership trait that is certainly refreshing to say the least.

Dr. Carson has made it clear that he feels compassion for the plight of the refugees. He wishes to aid those in need, but is also conscious of the risks to national security that letting in thousands of refugees poses.

“I was deeply touched by my trip to Jordan to visit major refugee camps,” Carson said. “Many refugees told me that they don’t want to be relocated in the United States, but hope to be able to return to their country. I believe we should ensure that the United States is offering financial support to countries, such as Jordan that are supporting many Syrian refugees.

He said he will end all funding for programs that resettle Syrian refugees in the United States.

“Given the risk that such programs might allow ISIS terrorists disguised as refugees to infiltrate out country,” Carson said.

Dr. Carson will restore America’s position as a world leader. He will make sure Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal will not be allowed to endanger the safety of the American people.

It is safe to say we are all tired of seeing our men and women in the military needlessly put into harm’s way.

“I will only place America’s armed forces in harm’s way when necessary to protect America and her allies,” Carson said.

Another matter that is near and dear to the American people is the treatment of our veterans.

“As president, I will direct a fundamental transformation in how we care for and empower veterans across America,” Carson said. “With unprecedented support for better veterans health care, military transition, education and employment, we can make this a reality.”

It is clear: America is sick. We are being attacked from the inside out and the outside in. We need a good doctor, and Dr. Ben Carson is the best in the business.