Towards the end of January, Scroll ran a special election edition of the paper. In that issue, I wrote a column stating why I thought Dr. Ben Carson was the best candidate for the presidency. I would like to fully and 100 percent retract those statements.

I, like many of you, was saddened to see Dr. Carson drop out of the presidential race. I wholeheartedly believed he was a man of honor and integrity. His integrity is what he and his campaign prided themselves on and is one of the biggest reasons many of his supporters trusted him to be the best man for the job. He then went on to completely and utterly betray that trust.

Shortly after suspending his campaign, Carson threw this support behind the narcissistic business man Donald Trump.

Trump is the very embodiment of everything Carson claimed to be against. Trump is a liar and a cheat. He has run a filthy, mudslinging campaign that has no qualms about making false, disgusting accusations against Trumps opponents, including Carson himself.

On CNN, Trump compared Carson to a child molester. This is the man Carson chose to endorse? I could hardly believe it. However, just recently I learned the truth. Carson proved that his so-called integrity means absolutely nothing. He proved that he has only ever been in this for the power.

Carson said in an interview that Trump promised him an advisory position for backing him. Does that sound like a man of integrity? It most certainly does not. The man sold out for personal gain and in the process betrayed the trust of countless Americans.

Dr. Carson is not a man of integrity. He, like Trump, is simply in it for the power and fame. I refuse to support any such person. It is for these reasons that I have retracted my support for Dr. Ben Carson, the man who sold us out.