A new semester is very exciting, especially when moving in with new people. For some, this exciting experience is a little scary as you wonder how your new roommates are and if all of you will get along well or not. Here are some ideas of activities you can do together to get to know each other:

Volunteer together

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer at BYU-Idaho, and this will not only add experience and skill to your résumé but will help you and your roommate get to know each other better. Both of you will be spending time together and it will help you see a side of your roommate that otherwise you wouldn’t know. This is a great way to make some fun memories and inside jokes together, according to hercampus.com.

Start watching a new TV show together

Everybody likes to talk about what is happening on the TV show they are watching. They like to talk about what happened on the last episode, which of the characters are their favorite and to speculate what will happen next. Picking a TV show to watch together throughout the semester is a good way to bring both of you together and to create a topic which both of you will like to talk about, according to collegelifestyles.org.

Make a bucket list together

One of the most common things is to make goals but not be accountable for them. College is a great time to do new things, explore, have fun and accomplish whatever you want to do or become. Sharing your bucket list with your roommate and creating one together will help both of you become more accountable for those goals, and it will give you ideas of what you and your roommate can do together, according to hercampus.com.

Game night

Having a little competition is good for any relationship. Having game nights is a great opportunity to have fun with your roommates and to get to know each other, especially when you can see how they are when they win or lose and during very competitive moments, according to friendship.about.com.


Your best experiences, memories and bonding opportunities will come outside of the apartment. Take your roommate and go out to explore Rexburg or some other places around, you can even do a road trip together. This will give both of you time to talk and to share great moments and experiences as you embark together on a trip to the unknown, according to hercampus.com.

Have dinner together

With different schedules for classes, work and other activities, it is hard for roommates to sit down and have a meal together. Setting a time or day to have dinner together, or even breakfast or lunch, will create a good opportunity for everybody to share what is happening with them, to tell their funny or sad stories, to talk about what is going on lately in school or to discuss a trending topic, according to collegelifestyles.org.

Hit the gym

If you don’t have much time to sit down and play games, have dinner or watch a TV show with your roommate but you exercise daily or weekly, you can invite your roommate to go with you. Hitting the gym, playing sports or going out for a run is a good opportunity to burn some calories and to talk with each other while doing it, according to friendship.about.com.