Bright lights, fog machines and an air of excitement were only a few things happening in the Oscar A. Kirkham Building as the semester was brought to an end at the Best Of Show Friday night.

The “Best of” consisted of all first and second placers from all other talent and variety shows littered throughout the semester. Shows like I-Cover, Battle of the Dance, Acoustic Cafe, Battle of the Bands, BYU-Idaho’s Got Talents and others.

MICHAEL BACA SOTO | Scroll Photography

“I loved the diversity,” said Mauricio Kiyama, a senior studying engineering. “It was a show where I got to see dance, singing and even comedy. It was a good opportunity to see a broad range of talents.”

Kiyama said he liked that Humor Code and Improv Everywhere were able to contribute to the show.

“One thing that did make it unique was that the performances were not only focused on modern day pop,” said David Aguillar, a junior studying business management. “The majority of performances were from older eras and genres of music.”

The “Best of” was also an opportunity for bands to gain traction in their efforts to become more popular.

“We kept telling people about our performances, but nobody would come,” said Stuart Deacon, a member of the Beatells Tribute Band and freshman studying communication. “The Best of Show gave us the opportunity to show the public what we are about.”

Stuart said he thinks the audience enjoyed their performance.

“It is always a great experience to perform no matter where,” said Ulumasui Pe’a, a member of one of the performing bands and sophomore studying music education. “However, when it’s at the ‘Best of’ show, people are more amped because you’re performing with the best talent the School has to offer.”