The Best of Show concert will be held Friday at 8 p.m. in the Kirkham Auditorium.

The show features groups from I-Cover, Battle of the Bands, Musical Moments, Acoustic Cafe and other shows from this semester, according to the Best of Show Web page.

Malcolm Stout, a manager for the Best of Show event and a sophomore studying communication, said he hopes the event will motivate students to want to share their own talents by trying out for shows in the future.

“All who come should expect something amazing,” Stout said.  “They should be excited to see such  amazing talent.”

Lennon VanderDoes, a freshman studying communication, plays guitar and sings in the band Acadians, which original competed in I-Cover.

He said the group will perform an original song as part of Best of Show.

“What I love most about performance and being on stage is just the incredible energy it brings,” VanderDoes said. “People cheering and going crazy and actually enjoying your music is just so invigorating, and it makes me feel so alive.”

Sydni Parkinson, a member of the group Six Reasons to Live which was originally featured in I-Cover, said she and her group will be performing a Lady Antebellum song called “Compass.”

“I really just love to sing, and the stage is one of the places I can do that,” said Parkinson, a junior  studying accounting.

Best of Show will provide an opportunity to hear great music, said Celine White, a senior studying communication, who will be in the show.

“I love taking everything I have, everything I feel and leaving it on the stage, sharing that with everyone,” White said. “The Best of Show is filled with the best of everything: humor, dance, music and people showcasing what they’re passionate about.”

Landen Day, a sophomore studying health science, said he plays guitar and sings backup as part of the band 20/20, which participated in I-Cover.

“People should be excited to attend the show because there are a lot of great acts this semester,” Day said. “I think there’s even more talent in this show than the last one.”

Day said he loves being on stage and being involved with something he’s passionate about.

He said this is the second time he will be performing in Best of Show.

The opportunity for students to perform as artists is an essential part of a good education, and performing with others also helps to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills,  according to the Music Empowers Foundation website.

“I love the rush and natural high that I get when I perform in front of a large crowd,” Day said. “It’s a great thing to bring a friend or date to, because the people participating are really talented and you get a lot of great entertainment for a great price.”

Tickets for the event cost $3, and the event is classroom dress.