This Friday at 4 p.m., BYU-Idaho students have the opportunity to head to Badger Creek for black powder rifle shooting and archery.

“This is an event we have every semester, and we have black powder rifles and archery equipment,” said Jason Thornton, the Outdoor Learning Center manager.

The event takes place at Badger Creek, which is a dedicated part of the BYU-I campus about 40 minutes from main campus.

It costs $10, and everything students need is provided, according to the OLC.

“We provide all of the ammunition, the guns and the archery equipment,” Thornton said.

Thornton said the OLC also provides a snack and transportation for students.

He said this is the last trip of its kind.

“Black powder rifles are aging, so this will be the last hurrah with this type of gun here on campus,” Thornton said.

Mica Bradbury, a director over Outdoor Learning Center intro activities and a senior studying art, said she loves the cheap activities at BYU-I.

“Being at school, it’s just nice to go do as many activities as you can that are so cheap, and you just get to meet new people all the time,” Bradbury said.

She said black powder rifle shooting and archery are two of the many ways to meet people here on campus.

Thornton said a great deal of beauty is available to the students at Badger Creek.

“Right now is the best time to go visit in the fall because all the aspen trees are really bright yellow or red, and you have a really good view of the Tetons right now,” Thornton said.

Thornton said the view of the Tetons and the beauty that comes with fall is very exciting.

“The view is amazing,” Bradbury said. “You go up there now that it’s fall, all the trees are changing colors. You have a perfect view of the Tetons, and cute little cabin houses all over the place. It makes you want to not be in school for a little bit and just live out there.”

  It is a beautiful time to be up in the mountains, but not just for the type of beauty you might think, Thornton said.

Bradbury said there is spiritual beauty at Badger Creek.

“Just going to Badger Creek itself, you have your own spiritual experiences,” Bradbury said.

Bradbury said it is amazing to see people learn and grow from doing things that they have never done before, like black powder rifle shooting.

There are other activities going on at Badger Creek this weekend. For further information on those activities, refer to the activities page on the Outdoor Resource Center’s Web page.