This feature story is about a new freshmen BYU-Idaho student who is from Kent, Washington. He loves to share his talent in beat boxing. Blake explained to me that he receives several reactions that he does not look like a beat boxer but once he opens his mouth and starts, people are in awe.

I found Blake Jensen at BYU-Idaho. This is his very first semester and I he performed at a new student talent show. I was on a report as a producer with one of my reporters and happened to run into him. I decided it would be a great idea to do a feature story on him and he showed a lot of enthusiasm for it. He was excited and has never had a story done on him before.

To learn more about beat boxing and how to, this link can help. This additionally leads to the American Beat boxing Championships which is well known for several beat boxers:

Here is a way for BYU-Idaho students to have their talents seen and discovered by others. Blake Jensen was discovered at the New Student Talent Show and has been performing in multiple shows at school now.