Elder Michael T. Ringwood, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, began his devotional March 15, by saying he sought help from the spirit to know what he should share with the attendees.

“I am grateful for inspiration that came in the early morning hours back in December to speak to you today about the power of The Book of Mormon,” Elder Ringwood said.

Elder Ringwood said he had an experience when he was serving as the stake president of a student married ward in Salt Lake City. He was participating with the ward one busy night in the temple.

“We experienced a delay that allowed us to sit quiet and ponder,” Elder Ringwood said. “I found myself thinking of an experience in The Book of Mormon.”

Elder Ringwood said he was reminded of the account of Nephi when he is sent back to Jerusalem to retrieve the brass plates with his three brothers.

“Scholars estimate it was around a 500-mile round trip,” Elder Ringwood said. “It was a hard thing, and they were not excited about making the journey back home.”

Elder Ringwood said the sacrifice Lehi’s sons made to reach Jerusalem, as well as the very controversial commandment Nephi received and followed to slay Laban to get the plates, were essential to the birth of Christianity in the Americas. He said they were also essential to the recordings known as The Book of Mormon and even the restoration of the gospel.

Elder Ringwood said as people study The Book of Mormon, they will be guided as were Lehi and his posterity.

“I desire to impress upon you today the power The Book of Mormon can provide in the journey to your promised land,” Elder Ringwood said.

Elder Ringwood said as people study closely the scriptures and especially The Book of Mormon, they will have a stronger faith in Jesus Christ, and they will have their sights on God.