Almost every item on campus is on a “time clock” waiting to be sent to the surplus center.

The Surplus Center is located in the Auxiliary Services building on the South Side of campus. Here, student’s staff and even the public can sift through a variety of items once used by the school.

“We sell basically anything that the school has will eventually end up at surplus, everything is an asset to the school and once its lived its purpose it eventually comes here and we sell it to the public or students or faculty,” said Zeb Dye, manager of the surplus center.

The university designates an “expiration date” for their supplies.

“Everything has a blue asset tag, or a reference to an item on campus. So a department knows what assets it possesses. Each asset has a time clock; some are ten years some are 5 years. Like all of the schools computers are on a 5-year time clock. Once that time is up the school buys new iMacs or new computer towers and they replace them with new ones and send us the old ones,” Dye said.

Computers aren’t the only items with an expiration date. The surplus center sells cooking supplies, sound equipment, vacuums, and even ranger utility vehicles.

Next time you’re in the need for anything, make sure to stop by the surplus center and check out what they have before paying full price.