Pins toppled as bowlers participated in the BYU-Idaho bowling tournament on Nov. 21 in the Manwaring Center Bowling Alley.

The bowling tournament allowed students to put their bowling skills to the test while offering a friendly and fun environment to compete in.

“Most people aren’t comfortable with bowling, so it gets them out of their comfort zone,” said Mackenzie Donaldson, a sophomore studying biochemistry. “Plus, you can talk while you’re bowing.”

Donaldson said that learning bowling techniques helps bowlers perform better than those who do not practice those skills.

“One thing I definitely can’t do is put spin on the bowl, or curve it,” said Craig Stevenson, a junior studying exercise physiology. “I see a lot of good bowlers do it.”

Stevenson said that if bowlers hit the pins straight on, without any spin, the pins on the ends do not get knocked down, but adding spin allows the ball to enter at an angle, increasing the chance of earning a strike.

A strike in bowling is obtained when a player knocks down all 10 pins in the first roll of a frame, which is represented by an “X” on the score sheet.

If a player fails to earn a strike on the first roll, a spare can be awarded if all the remaining pins are knocked down on the second roll, according to the Professional Bowlers Association website.

Donaldson said bowling makes a great date idea because of its simplicity and the social environment at the bowling alley.

Rexburg offers multiple bowling locations including Fat Cats, the Manwaring Center and Teton Lanes.