Located in the MC, the Strike Zone Bowling Alley is a place for friends and families to bond closer together.

“This is the best job in the world right here. I enjoy working with students; I also enjoy watching people that might not be that great at bowling improve,” said Harold Rose, the manager at Strike Zone.

Bowling brings people together as a social event.

“There was a class here, it was one of those electives that all freshman take right at the beginning, and so it would bring a lot of freshman together that didn’t really know each other into a single event,” said alumni Jeremy Klein.

You don’t have to be good at bowling to have fun.

“Bowling is really fun, but I’m not that great at bowling,” said Samantha Klein.

BYU-Idaho is unique because it has a bowling alley on campus.

“It’s great. Its probably the only school that I can think of that has bowling on campus. Schools backs home are pretty lame and don’t have any of this. It’s pretty neat,” said Andrew Tincher, a junior studying exercise science.

Bowling is not only a great sport, but it’s also a great date opportunity for you and a friend.

“I brought a girl here once and came here for FHE last week,” said Dakota Griggs, a freshman studying education.

Bowling is a great ice breaker for first dates.

“Bowling is fun. It’s a great first kind of date and breaks the ice; you can throw things around and see if she has anger problems it might be a little dangerous but it’s overall a good idea,” said Tincher.

Bowling is a competitive sport. Rexburg offers students the opportunity to be in a leauge.

“We actually had a rec league downtown when we were here at school. We would get a bunch of guys together it was really fun,” said Klein.

Many students feel like bowling is a time to get to know people.

“For bowling its really fun to go with your friends and family, because it’s a bonding experience,” said Samantha Klein.

From kids, students to former alumni, the Strike Zone has a little bit of something for everyone. Remember to sign up for the bowling championships Saturday November 21 between 10am and 1pm. To sign up you can go to the activities office located at MC 101.