Brady Parks is a singer-songwriter, charismatic band leader and Sunday School teacher extraordinaire according to his friends and family.

The National Parks, the band Brady Parks plays in, played for BYU-Idaho Center Stage’s concert series on May 12 and 13 in the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium.

Slade Walker and Nick Robbins, two members of the priests quorum in Parks’ home Pinery Ward, noticed Brady Park’s example.

“He teaches our Sunday School class sometimes,” Walker said.

Brady Parks sings one of his original songs in the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium.

Brady Parks has found the time in between touring the country with a successful band to be a substitute teacher for the Sunday School class, as well as a surrogate leader during a week-long Boy Scout canoe trip.

“He was really cool to us,” Robbins said. “He didn’t get annoyed with us even though he was older than us.”

Walker said Brady Parks is a nice and humble person.

Guy Parks, Brady Parks’ father, said his son has a unique personality along with a gift to connect with his fans.

“I have noticed on many occasions after a concert, Brady will stay long after it’s over to meet with, talk to and take pictures with fans,” Guy Parks said. “He can deliver a performance that leaves fans clamoring for more.”

Guy Parks said his son’s natural charisma allows him to be an excellent role-model for the youth of the Church.

“His example to the youth helps them realize that it is possible to be cool and still have a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Guy Parks said.

Guy Parks said along with his example as a role model, there are many facets to Brady Parks his fans would not expect.

“He has never had a vocal coach,” Guy Parks said. “He is an accomplished juggler and began juggling when he was eight years old. He’s also a very good basketball player, and water and snow-skier. He’s a sports enthusiast.”

Guy Parks said the week-long canoe trip Brady accompanied the scouts of Pinery Ward on was evidence of his appreciation of his fans. Guy said his son enjoys and appreciates being with youth.

“He’d wake us all up in the morning by singing super loud,” Walker said.

Walker said he did not like Brady Parks’ voice when he would wake up to it. Brady Parks then traded him a Rice Krispy Treat for a white chocolate macadamia nut Cliff Bar which caused Walker to start liking Brady Parks more.

“He gave us both signed CD’s from his album for free, and that was cool,” Robbins said.

To the young men of the Pinery Ward, Brady Parks is not just a celebrity, but a friend.