Branded, an IBC group located in Hyrum Manwaring Center, is selling custom wood products.

Branded is a company that focuses on pyrography and custom wood designs on cell phone cases, plaques, and other wood items, according to the Branded Facebook page.

“Pyrography is Greek for “fire drawing” and is the art of burning images on a variety of materials such as wood, paper, leather and gourds,” according to

Zach Sperry, a senior studying business management, said their customized wood products vary in price range from $15-$40. He said it was important to their group that they do something personalized and long lasting.

“We didn’t want to do something generic,” Sperry said. “Our whole group wanted to do something that was really special.”

Chandler Teichert, a senior studying business management, said the company slogan, ‘Customize your life,’ was the theme their company centered their work on. He said that students’ product designs often reflect the vision of their group, since the majority of the designs requested are for mission plaques, home states, and temples.

Sadie Marley, a freshman majoring in childhood development, said she felt like they were a really friendly company and that Branded’s products looked professional.

“It’s a really nice set up,” Marley said. “It’s all this cute, little, crafty stuff that you wouldn’t imagine guys to make. I think they’re very creative.”

Brady Bearnson, a senior studying business management, said the group wanted to create a product that was memorable for their audience.       

“We knew it would be a challenge,” Teichert said. “But when you actually sit and take the time to create something and make it somewhat their own, I think that’s the true beauty of it.”

Teichert said seeing the reaction of their consumers is really important to him.

“One of the biggest payoffs is seeing people’s expressions when they see the final product,” Teichert said. “It’s worth the effort and time put in.”

Bearnson said Branded is seeing their sales rise.

Sperry said that every sale feels like a personal achievement for the company. He said it’s one of the most gratifying things about the experience.

“The most exciting thing for me is to make a sale,” Sperry said. “Making that sale, closing it — that’s the most rewarding experience because you’re doing something right.”

Teichert said that the wood burning business wasn’t always their initial plan.

Bearnson said that their original idea was to create a ‘Rent-A-Puppy’ business, but they ran into complications receiving approval on a Thursday, just a few days before the following Monday, when they were expected to launch their business.

The group of 13 pitched the idea of a wood burning company instead and received approval.

“You have to be flexible,” Bearnson said. “Just being able to roll with things –That’s a really big factor for us.”

Sperry said they scrambled to get ready for the launch.

Branson said that since, they’ve continued to adapt and grow in their business strategy because of all the groundwork they were trying to make up. Since Branded wasn’t their original plan, they weren’t able to do as much research compared to other IBC groups prior to launch. He said that because of that, they actually stopped selling certain items that weren’t as successful and strive to cater towards the customers’ wants, being the most profitable strategy.

“You’re always changing, you’re always progressing, you’re always seeing what the student body wants and we’re always adapting to it,” Teichert said. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the business.”

Teichert said their group of 13 has grown really close, especially with the high-pressure situations they’ve endured together.

“You’re just pushed to the limit. You’ve got to stretch, you’ve got to grow, you’ve got to band together.”

Sperry said that now, because of all the effort they’ve put into the company, it will be hard to see Branded extinguish in mid-December.