Police officers put an end to a high-speed car chase in Rexburg on Thursday afternoon.

Misty Kesler, a resident of Rexburg, said she was standing outside of Jamba Juice talking with a friend when she first witnessed the chase taking place.

Brooks McFadden | Scroll Photography

Brooks McFadden | Scroll Photography

“All of the sudden, the car started zig-zagging through the parking lot, and he was squealing around

the corners,” she said. “We could hear all the sirens, and he slammed into the shed at JB’s and the cops surrounded him.”

Kesler said the police surround the vehicle and that the driver escaped through the side of the shed and over the curb.

“That’s how he made it back out onto the street right before this,” she said.

Kira Mason, a resident of Rexburg, said she was standing at the corner of the intersection when the chase came to an end.

“I saw the Subaru stopped and she was about to turn left,” Mason said. “I saw the truck coming, and I thought she saw the truck coming, but apparently she didn’t ‘cause she started turning left, and that’s when the truck hit her and then the four-wheeler flipped out.”

Mason said there was a woman and a child in the Subaru who were taken to the hospital after the collision.

Mason said the truck slid into another car and then the police were surrounding the pick-up with guns.

“They were telling him to just stop, don’t move, and they were, like, pulling him out of the pick-up and he wasn’t fighting back a lot, but a little bit,” she said.

Mason said she thought the driver was a woman at first because of how he was dressed.

“He was wearing a wig, and (the police) took high-heeled zip-up boots off of him and his shirt (. . .) looked like a woman’s shirt,” she said.

Jenny Porter, a resident of Rexburg, said the suspect was placed in one of the police vehicles and then taken to the hospital.


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