Written by Koster Kennard 


Friday afternoon, cars collided in front of Northpoint apartments.

Lucas Henriod, a sophomore majoring in general studies, said the accident happened when a Subaru SUV was pulling out of the Northpoint parking garage and met with the front end of a Toyota sedan.

No one was harmed in the crash, but the front of the sedan received significant damages.

“There was a Subaru SUV pulling out of the parking lot here at Northpoint, and this guy was just coming down the street,” Lucas said. “There was this pick-up parked right there in that last parking space. It makes for a blind spot when you’re coming down the street when you’re pulling out of the parking lot, so she didn’t see the car coming and pulled out and got clipped.”

Dennis Miller, the driver of the Toyota, who works in Rexburg, said he was going back to work after picking up some food when the Subaru pulled out in front of him, and they collided. He said he tried to slam on the brakes, but it was too late.

The driver of the Subaru declined to comment on the accident.

“Just be careful in Rexburg,” Miller said.  “There’s a lot of people here that might not be used to Idaho roads. It’s important to be careful.”