Written by: Kambria Amidan

A little taste of Broadway will grace the halls of BYU-Idaho this week.

Students will perform Broadway selections on Friday, Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. in the Oscar A. Kirkham Building Auditorium, according to BYU-I’s master calendar.

Paul Mak, the performance director for BYU-I’s Talent Activities and a sophomore majoring in international studies, will be helping out with Broadway Revue this year.

Mak said Broadway Revue is a Broadway-based show that will have show tunes from many different musicals and performances.

“It is a really highquality, theatrical show,” Mak said. “Anyone that’s into musicals and some good familyfriendly fun will have a good time at Broadway Revue.”

Mak said he is excited to help out and get involved with the great talent.

“If you’re just sitting there on a Friday night with nothing to do this is definitely something that will be worth it,” Mak said.

Mak said that Broadway Revue is an audition-only event and that the students who participate are extremely talented.

“So far we have a good number of people signed up to audition,” Mak said. “I’m excited for the show to happen.”

Mak said he first started working with BYU-I’s Talent Activities this semester. He said he had to apply for his position, and he is really excited to see where it takes him.

“We are hoping to keep the momentum of good shows in Talent Activities,” Mak said.

Mak said they have been working on advertising for the show.

“We have booths in the MC set up, and we’re hoping to get flyers around campus as soon as we can to get the word out,” Mak said.

Talent Activities has been working really hard to make this event perfect, Mak said. He said they are hoping a lot of people come to it.

“There’s so many quality things to do on campus and this is one of them,” Mak said.

Camry Balero, a junior studying child development, said she loves all things music and cannot wait for this event.

“I think this event will appeal to many people, even those who aren’t musical,” Balero said.

Tickets for the event can be bought online or at the ticket office and are $3, according to BYU-I’s master calendar. Audience members are invited to wear school dress.