As students gathered at the doors of the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium, performers for BYU-I’s Got Talent began preparing to demonstrate their greatest talents. We caught up with the show’s manager, Sierra Fuhriman, before the show began.

“I help put on the show for BYU-I’s Got Talent and I’m helping everyone run it and make sure everything runs smoothly,” said Sierra Fuhriman, a junior studying public health.

Singers, dancers, musicians and magicians took the stage to dazzle the audience with their talents.

“I thought it was awesome,” said Amelia Tucker, a sophomore studying psychology. “All of the performers did really well. I loved the magic trick. I thought that was hilarious. I really liked the dancer, the one that did all the robot stuff.”

Each talent brought a new surprise to the audience and had the crowd cheering and on their feet at the end of each performance.

“My performance — I was a little nervous honestly, so I was trying to contain my composure, but overall I thought it was awesome,” said Jessica Tolibas, a performer at the talent show and sophomore studying music education.