The BYU-Idaho Alumni Association has an exclusive group on LinkedIn called “BYU-Idaho Professionals.” This group, however, is not a LinkedIn group that can be joined at any time.

Spencer Wind, co-creator of BYU-Idaho Professionals and a junior studying business management, said BYU-Idaho Professionals is something students can use when they are passionate about networking with professionals.

“The professionals they can network within this group are both BYU-Idaho Alumni and others,” Wind said.

Wind said because this group has high-standing professionals, this group does have certain criteria required to join.

“This is a place where our highest caliber alumni can connect with our highest caliber students where they can meet and mesh and learn from each other,” said Preston Davison, co-creator of BYU-Idaho Professionals and a senior studying accounting. “That was our goal, and that is how this LinkedIn group got started.”

To apply for this LinkedIn group, students need to go to Students will watch two videos, a presentation from a past Power to Become conference and a networking 101 video. Students will then need to have 100 connections on their LinkedIn profile before applying.

Davison said once students are admitted to the LinkedIn group, they must remain active members to stay in the group.

“We really didn’t want people to just join this group because it’s a requirement for a class or for a grade,” Wind said. “We wanted people to be applying to this group on their own.”

Davison said he and Wind are working on new things for the group.

“We are working on a physical group located on campus, a BYU-Idaho Professionals club,” Davison said. “What we are learning more and more from the professionals in the LinkedIn group is that students need to network with other students more.”

Wind said all students who meet the qualifications should apply for the group.

“There will be students that we interview that will not be admitted into the group, but that doesn’t mean it’s over,” Wind said. “There are so many sources. Here at the Alumni Office we do tons of LinkedIn trainings. So although you might not be ready yet, we will do all we can to help you get there.”

Students are welcome to e-mail Davison and Wind at with the questions they have about BYU-Idaho Professionals.