Over the next 10 years campus is expected to become more, pedestrian friendly, with the help of a little remodeling.

Now the school is hoping to use at least some of this land, in the re-building of the women’s dorms.

Wayne Clark, BYU-I University Operations Manager, said, “College Avenue is a 10 year project for us. We are looking at possible expansions. Where the women’s dorms are right now, the thought is that eventually those buildings will be demoed and taken off campus, and that will become core academic space for the campus. So the properties closest to the Smith building.”

Now with the dorms moving, it gives campus the chance to become more central.

Clark continues, “Academic buildings in the center core of campus so we don’t have any problem with time between classes and buildings and things like that. We are trying to keep the center part of campus as close as we can.”

With everything becoming tighter, the school and city are hoping to create a more pedestrian atmosphere.

Clark continues, “The cities developed what we call a peds zone, pedestrian emphasis zone, which means its built to high density housing close to campus so the students don’t have to drive. So it reduces the need for large parking lots on campus, and makes it so we are a pedestrian type campus, rather than a commuter.”

Now until construction does begin, these fields are free play for anyone who wants to use them.