Audience members cheered as BYU-Idaho students walked off the stage of Game Shows Live, with free T-shirts, hats, frisbees, and coons from Vinyl Expressions, WeCar, and Cocoa Cabin.

Games Shows Live is a new event at BYU-I. Jared Bell, a freshman studying art, was the one who created, managed and hosted the event.

Bell walked on stage March 17 saying, “This has been my dream — to be a game show host — ever since I was a kid.”

Game Shows Live featured three games: “Campus Feud,” “Who Wants to be a Trivia-naire?” and “The Prize is Right.”

As audience members walked into the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium, they were given the opportunity to sign a ticket and place it in a black top hat.

During “Who Wants to be a Trivia-naire?” and “The Prize is Right,” tickets were drawn from the hat to determine the show’s participants.

“Social Activities and Activities in general are all about choosing your level of participation. So people can choose to be an audience member or choose to have a chance to go on stage,” Bell said.

Hunter Dean, a freshman studying psychology, went on stage during “Who Wants to be a Trivia-naire?” after his name was drawn from the hat.

“I wasn’t expecting to get called on stage first,” Dean said. “It was way fun.”

Teams who wanted to participate in “Campus Feud” signed before the event. Two teams were chosen randomly to participate.

“I think everybody should come next time,” said Kody Daffer a junior majoring in marriage and family studies, and a member of a “Campus Feud” team.

Bell spent hours planning and preparing for Game Shows Live since last semester. During his first semester, he wanted to get involved with Activities on campus.

“The thought that popped into my head was game shows. I love game shows. I’ve probably watched almost every game show there is out there,” Bell said.

During winter break, Bell created the plan for Games Shows Live.

“At first it was a lot of pre-planning. I fell in love with the aspect of getting this going,” Bell said.

Bell had to pitch his idea to Social Activities. After the idea for Game Shows Live was accepted, Bell worked as a manager over the event.

Lacey Smith, a junior studying psychology, is a coordinator for Social Activities. She helps several of the Social Activities managers understand what resources are available as they plan events such as Game Shows Live.

“Each event has one manager,” Smith said. “Our job is to help encourage leadership for activities. Jared thought of everything before this event.”