BYU-Idaho offers students many opportunities to have experiences studying aboard at a low, convenient price, with programs which can last for a couple of weeks or even for a whole semester, according to the International Studies Program Web page.

Robert Bird, a professor in the Department of English, said the English Study Abroad program usually costs $3,900 for a three-week trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

“The price usually goes up each year due to inflation, but it is the most inexpensive it will be if students decide to travel now instead of going later on in life,” Bird said.

Kelsey Barrett | Scroll Photography

KELSEY BARRETT | Scroll Photography

The school gets cheaper prices for these programs because it gets group rates and educational rates, Bird said.

Danae Sorensen, a participant in this past MesoAmerica Tour and a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said the most rewarding experience she had while participating in the tour was the lasting friendships she made with the others traveling with her.

The MesoAmerica Tour offers students great opportunities to learn and grow as they visit Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, according to the MesoAmerica Tour Web page.

“My favorite city to visit was probably San Cristobal, Mexico,” said Sorensen. “It is a gorgeous place to walk around the streets, see the small shops and take in the uniqueness of the buildings and even the people there.”

Aside from the MesoAmerica Tour, BYU-I offers a variety of programs to help enrich students and give them a great cultural experience, according to the International Studies Program Web page.

These different programs are offered through different departments on campus, like the Department of Religion, English and Humanities, and usually last three to four weeks, according to the International Studies Program Web page.

Chelsea Jackson, a past participant in the Humanities European Tour and a senior studying humanities, said the most rewarding experience she had while participating in the tour was the close friendships she made and the self-discovery she had along the way.

“My experience is pretty unique because the group of friends I made on the tour is still super close three years later,” Jackson said.

The humanities tour travels through Europe, visiting famous cities like London, Paris, Rome, Florence and Munich, according to the Department of Humanities and Philosophy Web page.

“Choosing a favorite city is like choosing a favorite kid,” said Jackson. “I love them all.”

Bird said the most memorable experience he has had while participating in the English Study Abroad program has been the literary plays the group sees along the way.

“Every year, we visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a replica of Shakespeare’s theater built in the 1590s,” said Bird. “This year, we saw Romeo and Juliet. It’s just a wonderful educational experience to see, in a replica of the theater, how Shakespeare‘s plays may have been performed.”

Participating in these programs allows students to gain a better sense of self and have greater confidence, lifelong friendships and many unforgettable moments, Jackson said.

“It’s the most cost-effective way to travel, it’s always a deal, you get college credit and you can only have the opportunity once while you’re young and responsibility free,” Jackson said. “Experience is the best education you can get. You feel more connected to past events and current cultures by traveling.”